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Friday, June 06, 2008

Climate Bill Fails

It wasn't a good bill anyway. But I sort of see the point in getting a baseline lay of the land. The vote was 48-36, but apparently there were 6 other yes votes out there from members who weren't present (including Obama and McCain, although it's easier for McCain to say that in a letter). I sort of get the strategy of setting a baseline of support and then going all-out next year to get it passed, as John Kerry predicted in a post-vote press conference. But that eventual bill has to be stronger than this one and in line with the position of the head of the party, Barack Obama.

Interesting to look at the roll call.

The vote broke largely along party lines, although GOP Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina, Mel Martinez of Florida, Gordon Smith of Oregon, Olympia Snowe of Maine and John Sununu of New Hampshire joined with the majority of Democrats in voting for cloture.

Meanwhile, Democratic Sens. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, Tim Johnson of South Dakota and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana sided with most Republicans in opposing cloture.

Collins and Smith and Sununu are election-year votes, but Liddy Dole must feel REALLY threatened if she felt the need to go there as well. And Sherrod Brown, a progressive, clearly wasn't fooled by the bill (maybe Dorgan too, he's usually on the right side of these things).

UPDATE: In case you were wondering whether or not the GOP's objection to the bill was based entirely on making poilitical points, well, wonder no more.

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