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Monday, June 09, 2008

Let The Nutpicking Begin

I see that the right-wing insaneosphere is searching through reams of random comments and posts on the Barack Obama website, checking typesetting and fonts and gazing under microscopes in order to find the singular comment that proves Obama, by virtue of hosting an open forum, is an avowed anti-Semite.

Would anyone with the history of Charles Johnson's Little Green Footballs (no link), who has to use autobots to turn slurs against Arabs into something acceptable, who scrubs his own site like he were a ragamuffin in Oliver Twist scrubbing the courthouse steps for a tuppence, want to talk about the offensive comments on someone else's website?

Not to mention that John McCain's sites aren't exactly so fresh and so clean, either (More here).

Conservatives now that a massive smear campaign is likely to be the only thing that'll same them from electoral defeat. So expect more of these awkward attacks as they feel more and more urgency.

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