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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Veepstakes

The Huffington Post profiles Kathleen Sebelius today. She's the Democratic governor of Kansas who has brought a host of former Republicans along to the party in the Sunflower State, adeptly working the conflict between the Mods and the Cons. She has ties to Ohio (her father used to be governor there) and is not afraid to challenge the Bush Administration, as she did when tornadoes destroyed Greensburg, KS, and she spoke out against the lack of National Guard equipment to deal with the catastrophe because of the war in Iraq. She's a uniter inside Kansas, and has earned high marks for the state's prison policy. She's squarely in the center of the Democratic Party and by no means on the left, but you could do worse. Her recent veto of two new coal-fired power plants in Kansas shows me that she's attuned to energy issues.

Still, with Obama's perceived lack of national security experience having a small-state governor on the ticket beside him would open up that debate further, as opposed to having Joe Biden on the ticket, who exudes confidence in national security discussions and would never shy away from a confrontation with Republicans on the issue. Of course, this confidence made him denounce his fellow Democrats, including Obama, on national security issues as well, and the Republicans would be sure to resurrect those quotes.

Ultimately, I don't think this matters a hell of a lot, but you know, it's an interesting parlor game. My dark horse: Anthony Zinni. Having someone with intimate knowledge of Bush's foreign policy fiascos would be excellent.

UPDATE: The attack dog qualities of one of the few Democrats to challenge McCain on FISA and illegal spying, as Biden has done, is not lost to me.

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