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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

She's Leaving Home

I've avoided the Clinton speech because I found it kind of hard to believe last night. However, it appears to be more of a hiccup than a statement of campaign strategy between now and the convention. Today, Hillary told her staff that it's over, and the official announcement is just a matter of time. As much as the campaign created a bubble around her, perpetuating these narratives of how she was actually winning and how the superdelegates would recognize her victory, in the end she isn't deluded whatsoever, and we're at the negotiation phase where an agreement between her and Senator Obama will be reached.

She ran a really unbelievable race, and while I didn't agree with a lot of the tactics in the second half of it, she was clearly the superior candidate during that time. The fact that she had to reinvent herself and come around to being that candidate after she essentially already lost showed the initial weakness of the Mark Penn inevitability approach. In the end, she could have overcome even that were she not up against such a formidable opponent.

UPDATE: Yes, I'm aware that she's flogging this Dream ticket stuff, and doing it in such a way that will ensure that there will not be anything approaching a Dream ticket (I think the circus atmosphere would be extremely detrimental). And I question whether the ticket is all that Dreamy, anyway. A politician plays every angle, is the only answer I can think of for this behavior.

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