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Monday, June 09, 2008

Today Is A Good Day

You've got Barack Obama blasting McCain/Bush policies on the economy, and not just their individual policies, but how they fit into the overall conservative ideology of lower taxes at all costs, indifference to the suffering of the middle class and an effort to drown government in the bathtub and use it only to pay off rich supporters.

“We did not arrive at the doorstep of our current economic crisis by some accident of history,” Mr. Obama said here to 900 invited guests, a relatively small audience for him. “This was not an inevitable part of the business cycle that was beyond our power to avoid. It was the logical conclusion of a tired and misguided philosophy that has dominated Washington for far too long.”

He added a moment later: “We were promised a fiscal conservative. Instead, we got the most fiscally irresponsible administration in history. And now John McCain wants to give us another. Well, we’ve been there once. We’re not going back.”

Not only that, but he gave the speech in North Carolina, making further assurances that there will be no Republican country this November, no part of America that's off-limits to his message. Obama is building infrastructure in all 50 states, and will campaign in almost half of them. That's a major achievement for the Dean vision of Democrats ceding no ground to Republicans anywhere in the country.

It's the usual post-bounce period after cementing a nominee, but I'm feeling very good about our chances.

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