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Monday, August 25, 2008

Pelosi at the California Breakfast

While my pal Lucas and I were sitting here bullshitting, Nancy Pelosi was apparently holding a press avail. We're good journalists. Todd Beeton was there, and I guess it was a litany of wanker traditional media scribes asking "Is there unity? UNITY? UNITY!!!1!????"

UPDATE: Speaker Pelosi has just taken the stage at the breakfast. Lots of Congresscritters are here as well. I may lose power here in a second. Pelosi: "California will give Barack Obama and Joe Biden the biggest victory in the history of our country... the most votes ever for a Presidential candidate... are you ready to come together in unity and support Barack Obama and Joe Biden?... I bring this up because reporters ask me all day about this... but as we gather here... remember, it's not just about us and what our feelings are about the campaigns. It's about the hopes, aspirations and challenges of the American people. And they are looking to us to come out of this convention with unity, organized and focused to take this country in a new direction. We owe them that... this is about our country."

UPDATE: Pelosi: "If people want to talk about drilling offshore, don't come around California with that kind of talk. Let's talk about the connection between oil, which belongs to the people, and the record profits from the oil companies, and how they take it out of the ground with no royalties (in California)." Pelosi is talking about green jobs and renewables.

"If you're a senior, and you care about Medicare, Obama is right and John McCain is wrong. If you care about children's health care, where George Bush said we can't afford covering 10 million children for one year, which costs 40 days in Iraq, Obama is right and McCain is wrong... McCain supports George Bush's failed economic policies... and on the most important foreign policy issue of our time, Iraq, Barack Obama is right and John McCain is wrong."

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