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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Arnold Convinced He Can Turn A Donkey Into A Unicorn

He'd have a better shot at that than convincing the Yacht Party of anything.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave Democrats the cold shoulder as he grew convinced he can somehow win Republican support for a midyear budget deal that includes tax hikes, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said Wednesday [...]

"He believes that he can convince the Republicans to vote for revenue increases given that we're now pretty much at the brink," Steinberg told The Bee's Capitol Bureau. "And if that's the case, great. Then we'll resume a different kind of negotiation. If it's not true, then I expect we'll be right back to our $17 billion-plus proposal and try to close that out."

Steinberg said he thinks lawmakers can still avert a cash shortage if they pass midyear changes by February. While the changes alone may not be swift enough to provide California with enough cash to pay its bills, he suggested that passage of a credible budget solution would enable the state to take out sufficient loans.

It's important to remember how stunningly ineffective Schwarzenegger has been at governing for five years. He hasn't brought one Republican along on ANYTHING he has sought. All of the policies he'll be talking about as part of his "legacy" were passed without any Republican votes. He has no chance whatsoever to attract anyone from his own party, and he never has. That is the epitome of failure as a leader.

Of course, you have to question whether he really wants to solve the problem at this point. It's probably more about political posturing at this point. Democrats wouldn't privatize the state, so Arnold will fall back on the same tired tactic of demonization while California goes up in flames.

"We all know how this movie goes," Steinberg said. "The governor will be out again in some community in California attacking the Legislature and elected representatives for failing to act. It's frankly a tired, old movie."

In the end, the Democrats couldn't -- or wouldn't -- meet Schwarzenegger's demands (more cuts, additional public-private partnerships and easing of environmental regulations for at least 10 projects) for him to sign the budget.

"The Legislature has been more than willing to meet the Governor halfway on his proposals, but we cannot in good conscience back an 'anything goes' approach to California's environment and a privatization scheme that would make George W. Bush blush," the Democratic leaders write in an op-ed in today's Bee.

Arnold was never interested in "creating jobs," he was interested in breaking his old nemesis, the unions. And when it didn't happen, he used the ridiculous excuse that now, when the Republican project to bankrupt government is almost realized, NOW they'll see the light. And in the end, even his "comprehensive" budget solution would only solve the problem until he could leave office, sticking his successor with another crisis.

Fail, fail, FAIL.

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