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Monday, January 05, 2009

Balance Of Power Shifts In The Online Foreign Policy World

Foreign Policy magazine, which has a smallish readership comprised mostly of those writers who aren't in the magazine in that particular issue, I think, just scored a major coup by signing up a gaggle of really great foreign policy bloggers, some from the academic world, some from traditional media, and some from the blogosphere, instantly making them a great hub for blogging on international relations. There's Fiasco author Thomas Ricks, independent journalist Laura Rozen, blogger Daniel Drezner, professor and "Abu Aardvark" blogger Marc Lynch, and in a very gutsy move, author of "The Israel Lobby" Stephen Walt. There are a few others as well.

This is a very broad spectrum of f.p. thinking, broader than the normal conversation in the United States, and I'm very intrigued by a dead-tree media publication moving boldly to become a Web hub around such an important set of issues, with intellectual firepower that blows away something like The Huffington Post. This is really going to revitalize their brand and put it into a new space. Congratulations to them.

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