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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Conyers Needs A Better Word Processing Program

I'm not getting why John Conyers is expending the energy to attack Sanjay Gupta, whose role as surgeon general would be peripheral at best. Conyers is defending his single-payer bill which Gupta indirectly but unfairly swiped at in his infamous dust-up with Michael Moore. But I'm not sure if anyone believes that Gupta would influence policy rather than being a public face for it. And Conyers' argument that Gupta lacks the requisite experience to handle the National Health Service Corps seems petty. If you're going to go after Gupta, there are questions of conflict of interest that may be pretty substantial. I'd start there.

Meanwhile, if you do step out and write a Dear Colleague letter of this nature, use the spell-check, would be my advice.

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