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Monday, January 05, 2009

Equal Protection! Equal Protection!

Norm Coleman lost one court case this morning, as the Minnesota Supremes rejected his effort to get cherry-picked absentee ballots from Republican counties tallied. And even his lawyer is talking about how it's "conceivable" that they can win instead of "likely." But I was struck by how Coleman's legal team was planning on going to the Bush v. Gore well once again to argue that the "equal protection" of Minnesota voters has been violated by changing standards on absentee ballots. This is a ploy to get the federal courts to rule on it, which may be more favorable to a Republican.

"Morrison said Coleman's absentee ballot claim could become the basis for a bid to the U.S. Supreme Court that inconsistent treatment of ballots from county to county violated the U.S. Constitution's equal protection clause."

Conservatives never give a crap about equal protection when a minority voter is disenfranchised, or when a public school is crumbling in the inner city while another flourishes in the suburbs. Only when it can get them a political office does equal protection come into play. Absurd.

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