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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Former Senator Coleman Goes To Court

He's good enough, he's smart enough, and doggone it, the Wall Street Journal editorial board said it was fixed, so Norm Coleman's trying to overturn a settled election.

Coleman went through the list of things his campaign says went wrong: For example, that absentee ballots for Al Franken were counted twice, and that there were no uniform standards in reviewing rejected absentee ballots.

"Until these issues are settled," Coleman said, "any attempt to seat a Senator who is not properly certified violates Senate precedent, and usurps the will of the people of Minnesota."

A reporter asked Coleman about the calls from Harry Reid for him to concede -- and was met by booing from the crowd of Coleman supporters. "This race will be determined by Minnesota voters, not Harry Reid," Coleman said with a smile, and to the applause of his backers.

Look at a month or two of these recriminations. Never let it be said that Republicans are gallant in defeat.

For his part, I think the Franken team's tactic of calling him former Senator Coleman is a nice touch.

Alan Page will be convening the three-judge panel to hear Coleman's election lawsuit. Yeah, the former defensive lineman for the Vikings. He also happens to be a great jurist who consistently ridiculed the legal theories in former Senator Coleman's muddled case. FAIL, Norm.

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