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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Have A List Of 350 Card-Carrying Think Tank Employees!

James Inhofe does his best Joe McCarthy impression.

I have other problems with Carol Browner. There’s another organization that a lot of people don’t realize — it’s called the Center for American Progress. This report that came out — this is the group that’s trying for the Fairness Doctrine. Trying to, I think, dramatically upend the First Amendment. And try to stop talk radio and talk TV from being conservative.

FOX: And she was a member of that group?

INHOFE: Yes, she was a member of that group. It’s called the Center for American Progress.

And what a radical group the Center for American Progress is, what with all the ex-Clinton staffers and panel discussions and occasional free sandwiches. ¡Viva la revolucion!

Why, if more people join this free-love-and-abortion outpost, we can expect more white papers and open-to-the-public lectures, and before long we're living in the People's Republic of China!

(I recognize that this only holds if CAP expands their budget to hire more staffers. Hey, I know I'm ready to join up with the movement! Up against the wall, motherfuckers!)

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