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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ken Blackwell for RNC Chairman!

Let me just take a moment to endorse Kenneth Blackwell for RNC Chairman. Sure he helped steal Ohio for President Bush in 2004, but he is also an expert in something near and dear to the heart of Republicans everywhere, something that they are deeply, deeply committed to as a party, something that they should totally campaign on in 2010 and 2012 if they want to have any chance of ever winning an election again.

That something? Sex between men and boys!

For your viewing pleasure (I hope not that kind of pleasure), here is Ken Blackwell debating then-Congressman Ted Strickland during the 2006 Ohio Governor's race. Ken Blackwell of course won that race and is now the very successful Governor of Ohio. Actually he got pathetically trounced, but--

That's right, Kenneth Blackwell seems to know a helluva lot about the North American Man Boy Love Association (commonly known as "NAMBLA" to Republicans), so he's obviously a shoo-in for the chairmanship.

Also, creepy clown-faced pseudo-politician Steve Forbes is supporting him.

And yesterday, Blackwell said that the Republican Party should try to defeat Obama's proposed economic stimulus package because if the Democrats help create jobs, it could hurt the Republicans' electoral chances down the line.

This is just the public face that the Republican Party needs: against creating jobs for Americans, and obsessed with sex between men and boys. I wholeheartedly endorse Ken Blackwell for RNC Chairman.

(Speaking for me only of course. D-Day might prefer the racist guy).

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