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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nice Pick

Obama's telecom policy has always been praised by progressives, and now the man who helped develop it will be his next FCC chair:

Julius Genachowski, a venture capitalist who served as a technology advisor to President-elect Barack Obama's presidential campaign, has been tapped to head the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), according to several reports.

In its Tuesday (Jan. 13) edition, the Washington Post reported that congressional sources confirmed that Genachowski, 46, was the President-elect's choice to head the FCC.

Free Press lauds Genachowski's leadership on net neutrality and universal broadband issues. There are some real opportunities to use the recovery plan to improve broadband access nationwide and lay down the equivalent of electricity lines in rural areas in the 1930s, only for high-speed Internet. Hopefully the FCC will take the lead in facilitating this.

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