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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Teddy And Robert

This is all just coming in, but apparently Ted Kennedy went into convulsions at the Senate luncheon and was wheeled out into an ambulance. Then, Robert Byrd was overcome at the sight of Teddy, and HE had to be wheeled out.

Very sad, and hopefully everyone's OK. Teddy looked great this morning at the inauguration.

...Obama just confirmed that Kennedy was wheeled out of the room, and he said "a part of me is with him." CBS reports that he had a seizure.

Terrible. "extended seizure," say news reports, that lasted for several minutes, and Kennedy was still in the midst of it as he was taken out of the chamber. Ugh.

...Senator Hatch followed Kennedy to the ambulance, and he says that by the end, Teddy was able to communicate. So that's a little better.

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