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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nuke Bailout

Apparently Presidents Nelson and Collins got it in their heads to include a billion dollars to the National Nuclear Security Administration for "weapons activities" in the stimulus. Once again we see that fiscal responsibility is deathly important, and fixing up dilapidated schools is not in the public interest because big gubmint shouldn't be messing around with education, but building another generation of muclear weapons is legitimate because military spending is magic and it never affects the budget bottom line.

By the way, here's a list of the main sites for US nuclear weapons research, development, testing, and production. You'll notice that they're conveniently located all over the country so that lots and lots of Senators have a vested interest in their continued production.

This is one issue where the Obama Administration has actually been pretty clear. They are implementing a full review which will examine the needs for nuclear weapons in the post-Cold War environment, and they are seeking sharp reductions in stockpiles in a comprehensive treaty with the Russians. There is absolutely no need for additional funding of nuclear weapons given that the President has called to rid the world of them.

But we can't afford more money for Head Start, you see. Or critical public health priorities.

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