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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Republicans, Lawyers For Charles Manson And Mimes Lag Behind Obama In Latest Polls

I am going to try really hard the next couple years not to get too carried away over this or that opinion poll. However, as an early look at how the Republican grand strategy of obstructionism is working out, I think the consensus view of public opinion shows that they've flopped. Barack Obama is still quite popular, and the only erosion of his support is among conservative Republicans who weren't likely to stick with him the moment he began setting policy contrary to their worldview.

The trust in Obama from the public and the trust in Republicans almost couldn't be further apart. Legalizing pot is way more popular than all conservative leaders. And why not? Legalizing pot is a not-so-crazy idea. Whereas...

Republicans continue to dig themselves a deep hole. They strategized that they could virulently oppose a popular President in a time of crisis and not take the political hit. Bereft of any moderating force, they are spiraling into insanity, to the extent of actually gaming out a civil war scenario. This has basically put them far outside the political mainstream, and hearkening back to 1993 isn't going to change that. They are playing a day-to-day game when the public is thinking long-term.

I'm not sure Obama has capitalized on this by being particularly visionary or staking out the kind of bold agenda that is necessary (though it can be argued that doing what's needed is visionary in this day and age). But you can't argue with success.

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