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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Staff-less Senator

Yesterday the press secretary resigned. Today the acting Chief of Staff to Roland Burris resigned. And Robert Gibbs today nudged him a bit further off the ledge.

If Burris recognizes that he's been a Senator for a month and can still chisel it into his mausoleum, I think he'll go quietly. the way, Gibbs' comment, which really stuck the knife in, should put to rest this ridiculous meme that Obama pushed for Burris to be seated because he needed his vote on the stimulus. As Kagro X points out, if Burris wasn't seated there would only be 98 Senators requiring 59 votes to overcome a filibuster, so the number of Republicans needed for passage would be, uh, exactly the same. John Kass is our Pert Plus Ignornant Pundit Of The Week!

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