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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Twitter Revolution FAIL

This is pretty hilarious. The Virginia State Senate is 21-19 Democratic, but a Republican Lt. Governor breaks all ties. So the Republicans in the Senate got some wayward Democrat to flip parties. Except the Chairman of the Party announced it prematurely on Twitter, leading the Senate to abruptly adjourn and scuttling the whole deal. Not Larry Sabato explains.

Before it was announced on the floor and finalized, RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick tweeted about it.

Majority Leader Dick Saslaw adjourned before it could happen.

The Democrats got into a room and pounded into Northam what would happen if he did this.

Northam backed down. (Now everyone hates him, idiot).


This is the second damaging leak-via-Twitter in the last week, the other being Pete Hoekstra giving away classified information on a Congressional trip to Iraq. It's not just that Republicans appear to be deliberately sinking the economy in the hopes that the country will run to them in the event of a Depression. It's that they actually think their road to recovery lies in putting instant communication in the hands of inveterate gossips who will screw up all their plans in the name of "connecting with the kids." The ignorance is almost a little astonishing if you didn't know who you were dealing with.'s yet another example - Jim Tedisco, the candidate in the NY-20 seat vacated by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, is running all Tweets with the #ny-20 hashtag on his campaign site - including those attacking him.

Really, take the Twitter away from Republicans. It's hurting.

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