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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

American Moron

Michael Scherer thinks he's found a nut by announcing that the Obama Administration, slightly busy with the financial crisis and the unemployment rate soaring and foreclosures and the stimulus and two wars, are the prime movers in pushing a "Limbaugh strategy." Scherer thinks the whole thing was cooked up by Administration officials even though James Carville and Paul Begala, the ringleaders of the strategy, aren't Obama officials.

I guess Robert Gibbs impersonated Rush on the air that day when he said he hoped Obama fails. That was the prime mover of this whole thing, and it happened before Obama was even inaugurated. Just because this is an obsession of the corporate media doesn't mean the White House is pulling the strings. It means the media is too stupid to follow the real stories shaping our lives.

Eric Boehlert and Greg Sargent demolish this. I guess it simply never occurred to Scherer that nature abhors a vacuum and somebody had to take the leadership role in the Republican Party, leading to this internal war. No, Republicans could never be that disorganized. It has to be something DEMOCRATS did.

Stupid Democrats.

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