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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Could Have Been A Lot Worse

Ross Douthat is not somebody I agree with all the time, but I've read him enough to know that he's at least slightly more intellectually honest than a Bill Kristol. What's more, his getting the number two editorial job at the New York Times signals that at least they're willing to take a chance on a 29 year-old instead of some retread from the conservative movement. Knowing that this was going to be a conservative choice, it could have been way more awful.

A bit of a secret - I don't make an appointment to read a lot of op-eds. Unless I really trust the source or I need more of an understanding of a particular topic, I feel like I can make the assessments entirely on my own. I guess I tired of the stupid somewhere along the line. I stopped watching the Sunday chat shows for the most part, too. It's very refreshing.

...just because it could have been a lot worse doesn't mean that Douthat isn't a maniac. It's a low bar, after all.

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