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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

End Harassment Now

Amanda Terkel sat down with Keith Olbermann last night to discuss how Bill O'Reilly's lapdog of a producer stalked her for two hours across state lines to harass her with an interview as "payback" for daring to criticize the Papa Bear in a blog post.

I think enough is enough and it's time to fight back.

On Saturday, March 21, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly sent one of his producers to stalk, harass, and ambush’s managing editor Amanda Terkel. Upset over a ThinkProgress report that noted O’Reilly’s insensitivity to rape, O’Reilly sent two men to track Amanda in a car for two hours, and then confronted her with hostile questions while she was on vacation.

Sadly, Amanda is just one of at least 40 different victims of O’Reilly’s Harassment Machine. O’Reilly has hired producers whose job is to track, harass, and intimidate anyone whom O’Reilly perceives as an opponent. That’s not “journalism” — that’s a mafia-style operation. And we need to put an end to it.

Tell O’Reilly’s advertisers that you want them to issue a clear statement explaining their opposition to O’Reilly’s “ambush journalism.” Fill out the form below to tell O’Reilly’s corporate advertisers to stop supporting the O’Reilly Harassment Machine.

Clearly, an ego like Billo's will not be shamed out of doing this. He may understand if his minders tell them the ambushes specifically hurt his bottom line. The line has been crossed and he needs to stop.

Sign the form.

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