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Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Dare YOU, Sir!

There's a new cottage industry in Washington, and that's defending George Bush's legacy on talk shows. The Bush Legacy Project never really got off the ground because the participants have to run such a con to even try to defend this guy, their pleadings look ridiculous. And here is Ari Fleischer:

FLEISCHER: It was in part because of Iraq and large part because of the economy that Barack Obama won. Having said that, I also think Barack Obama should say thank you every day that he inherited a world without Saddam Hussein in it. The one thing people are going to remember the most is that he kept us safe. […]

But after September 11th, having been being hit once, how could we take a chance that Saddam Hussein might not strike again? We got a report saying al Qaeda is determined to attack the United States. Well, that’s not a surprise. Of course, they are. It doesn’t say where, it doesn’t say when, it doesn’t say how. So, if you get a report like that, what do you do?

It's the old conflate-Saddam-with-9/11 backflip one-and-a-half with a twist! What's the score? Ooh, a 4.5 with the Finnish judge, that's going to hurt him. And a 0 from the American people.

But this is the even better part:

Matthews: We were attacked on your watch. If you start getting into who was attacked when, we suffered the worst domestic calamity in history on your watch.

Fleischer: Chris, how dare you!

How DARE you bring up factual events!

Well, Fleischer clearly failed in that effort. How about Bush Legacy Project Manager, 43 himself?

Former President George W. Bush’s first post-presidency speech will take place on St. Patrick’s Day — March 17 — in Calgary, Alberta. Although organizers have declined to say if Bush will be paid, he once boasted that he hoped to make “ridiculous” money on the lecture circuit once he leaves office.

But instead of greeting Bush with open arms and (potentially) wads of cash, activists and human rights lawyers in Canada are hoping their government will greet him with handcuffs — or at the very least — bar him entry in to the country. In fact, Vancouver Lawyer Gail Davidson said the government has an obligation under the law to ban Bush from entering Canada because of his role in supporting torture:

"Davidson says that because Bush has been “credibly accused” of supporting torture in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Canada has a legal obligation to deny him entry under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The law says foreign nationals who have committed war crimes or crimes against humanity, including torture, are “inadmissible” to Canada. “The test isn’t whether the person’s been convicted, but whether there’s reasonable grounds to think that they have been involved,” says Davidson."

Oops. I guess directing and authorizing torture does get in the way of spinning all your successes.

(by the way, Stephen Harper is not going to arrest George Bush. But I'm sure he'll get the hero's welcome he deserves in Calgary.)

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