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Friday, March 20, 2009

I Love You, Man

Listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger's budding bromance with President Barack Obama:

“When have you ever seen a president be that out there?”

That was a mesmerized Arnold Schwarzenegger after Obama’s town hall meeting.

“I’ve never seen that,” Schwarzenegger said to a couple reporters as he and his wife, Maria Shriver, tried to make an exit. “Usually people are so guarded. The aides are always so guarded. They’re so afraid that you will blow it or that you will make news that’s unintended and all those things.”

Schwarzenegger continued to gush about Obama.

“But I think he’s so smart,” he said. “He’s so clear with his thinking and he’s so well informed and has been dealing with policy in all this and is also very philosophic it’s almost like. I think he’s just like – I think it’s beautiful.”

Given his record, I can see why Arnold would be so enchanted by a politician who actually knows the issues he talks about.

He accompanied the President back to Washington today for talks on infrastructure. Maybe someone in the White House will ask him why his staff is leaning toward rejecting stimulus money for extended unemployment benefits, and why he has given no public position.

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