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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

IL-05 Results

The results of the IL-05 election to replace Rahm Emanuel are trickling in, and well, Tom Geoghegan's currently in 7th place out of 12. 71% of the vote is in. The turnout is awful, but the unknown candidates aren't benefiting. Although, it looks like Mike Quigley will end up the eventual winner, despite SEIU spending something like $250,000 on ads for Sara Feigenholtz (she's in 3rd right now). Quigley's the only politician I remember from when I lived in this district a decade ago, and I remember him being fairly decent, though others would know better. He got the newspaper endorsements and has a really good record on environmental issues.

It's something of a shame that Geoghegan couldn't use all the netroots energy and cash to forge something that would have been really special. But these races are notoriously difficult. Anyway, we fight on.

...better coverage at the Chicago Tribune blog.

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