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Friday, March 06, 2009

John Kerry Campaign, 2006 Democratic Agenda Promises Kept

After a month or so of uncertainty, Barack Obama will sign an executive order reversing the limits on funding for embryonic stem cell research. This will allow for expanded stem cell lines and a faster track toward potential cures.

Which is great, even if the research on stem cell alternatives that don't impact embryos is becoming safer without being as ethically questionable, sidestepping the need for the sturm und drang about this. On balance, it's great to expand funding for the embryonic version as well, and make scientific study more available, increasing the chance to wipe out debilitating diseases. But ultimately, this issue, like others like it that Obama has acted upon, are relics of a bygone age, way back in 2004 and 2006, where they were the most important things to worry about. I'm glad he's doing them, but we're in an economic meltdown right now where the top officials are unwilling and unable to reverse course. So I'm not going to jump for joy at the news that these side issues are being progressed forward when the zombie banks are still eating what's left of the country.

(I'm in a foul mood today, aren't I?)

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