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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

KY-Sen: Must Be Some Poll Results

Jim Bunning commissioned a poll for his re-election campaign. He paid $20,000 for it. And he's not showing it to you or anyone else.

Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky., has conducted a poll on his 2010 bid for election to a third term, but he isn't making the results public.

"Let's say I did the polling," the senator told reporters on a conference call this morning.

What does that mean?

"That means it's none of your g--d--- business," Bunning said, who then followed up with a laugh. "If you paid the 20 grand for the poll, you can get some information out of it."

This is going to be so much fun to watch.

Kos should commission a poll on this race ASAP.

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