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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Monster Chiller Horror Theater

Apparently, allowing workers making something approaching the minimum wage the ability to collectively bargain instead of having their rights trampled by management, their organizers fired, their workplaces shut down rather than stay a union shop, and their colleagues intimidated is the central threat to the very fabric of American life. Hearing these landed gentry talk using the language of end-times apocalypse is pretty nuts.

"Radical Islam and Employee Free Choice are the two fundamental threats to society" is my personal favorite.

Congress could take up this bill as early as next week, and clearly it's going to provoke a lot of opposition. But the media-hyped language of "smackdown" and "nuclear war" and "Armageddon" obscures the point - all this act would do is enforce the violations to labor law made routinely by management, and give employees the choice to decide how to have an election for unionization rather than having one imposed upon them. It's only "Armageddon" if you're absurdly wealthy and you want to and you want to preserve the extreme inequality, that is partly to blame for this economic crisis, far into the future. It signals the end times, all right, but only for this new Gilded Age in which we live.

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