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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Must-See TV

Don't miss Jim Cramer on The Daily Show tonight, the culmination of a week-long feud. Initially, I didn't think Jon Stewart will actually make Cramer REALLY uncomfortable, like by bringing up Deep Capture or his admission that he manipulated the markets as a hedge fund trader, but apparently that video is played, and the interview is good. For his part, Cramer tried to talk everything down this morning.

The CNBC star, apparently trying to soften his image, went on “The Martha Stewart Show” this morning and admitted that Stewart has gotten the better of him so far. “My kids only know I have a show ‘cause Jon Stewart’s been skewering me,” the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer's never hesitated to show emotion before, but on Thursday, he showed a new, vulnerable side. "I’m a little nervous. How bad is it gonna be? Is he gonna kill me?” Cramer said. “You should be nervous,” (Martha) Stewart said. "He’s fast as lightning!”

“I’m not, I’m slow as molasses,” Cramer replied. Considering that the entire conceit of “Mad Money” is that Cramer is manic -- “mad,” if you will -- this new, self-deprecating incarnation of the man seems pretty implausible.

So I'm guessing Cramer will sit there and say he's sorry a lot, and Stewart will tear CNBC a new one, and they'll agree to disagree.

Is that an exciting preview or what?

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