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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Spectacular Flameout

You get the feeling that Michael Steele doesn't want to be the head of the RNC anymore. There's too much pressure, he seems to be unable to make a media appearance without angering someone, and he just doesn't fit very well with the job. I can think of no reason other than deliberate self-sabotage to explain why he would espouse a pro-choice position in a national magazine interview.

How much of your pro-life stance, for you, is informed not just by your Catholic faith but by the fact that you were adopted?
Oh, a lot. Absolutely. I see the power of life in that--I mean, and the power of choice! The thing to keep in mind about it... Uh, you know, I think as a country we get off on these misguided conversations that throw around terms that really misrepresent truth.

Explain that.
The choice issue cuts two ways. You can choose life, or you can choose abortion. You know, my mother chose life. So, you know, I think the power of the argument of choice boils down to stating a case for one or the other.

Are you saying you think women have the right to choose abortion?
Yeah. I mean, again, I think that's an individual choice.

I don't think you can be the head of the Republican Party and say what's in that above quote. Especially when you're not exactly setting the world on fire in other areas. The NY-20 special election could be decisive for Steele; while he isn't likely to be upended, he may just have to step down if he loses that one, which should be a layup in a pretty Republican district. And now all of the experts are rating the race a toss-up.

Michael Steele hasn't even been the chair for two months. And he's become a bad joke. I'm hoping that he never leaves that perch, but then again, I do not have the best interests of the party at heart.

...Steele is now massively backpedaling on the abortion comments. Meanwhile, Josh Marshall determines that Steele made these comments three weeks ago, which means he hasn't wanted to be RNC chair for longer than I thought.

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