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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Danger Of Jon Stewart

David Shuster took double entendre to a whole other level the other night:

I just happened to see a Daily Show segment where Jon Stewart is snickering about the "Taepodong missile" that North Korea launched, only to be browbeaten by Wyatt Cenac about his constant third-grade giggling in a nice inversion of the "it isn't a fucking game" CNBC/Jim Cramer smackdown. But see, the media watches Jon Stewart. They clearly want to be Jon Stewart. And that leads to segments like the one above. Which I admit is entertaining as well as somewhat informative about the right-wing corporate underwriting of the teabaggery. But do we really want our media to devolve into snorts and junior high dick jokes?

I'll make an exception in the tea party case because the lack of awareness on the part of the teabaggers is astonishing.

Actually, I'm fairly juvenile, so I'll just make a perpetual exception.

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