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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dragging It Out

Jim Tedisco found a judge willing to enable his now-quixotic quest to get into Congress:

ALBANY—The ballot-counting in the race to replace Kirsten Gillibrand in Congress will likely go on for a long time, in light of a court ruling just issued.

Judge James Brands declined to set a specific standard regarding valid residency, and said that objections lodged on the basis of ballot applications will, indeed, stand. While Democrat Scott Murphy leads Jim Tedisco by 273 votes, according to the latest official tally, there are some 1,800 votes left uncounted.

This ruling favors the Tedisco camp—or at least buys them time.

Actually, buying them time is the end goal, I would say. The vote count is up to a 365-vote lead for Murphy now, meaning that practically everyone that Tedisco says should be disqualified would need to be for Tedisco to win. Somehow I doubt that.

Meanwhile, a top Tedisco staffer stole $32,500 from a New York State Assembly campaign account to pay for his own legal bills. Just in case you wanted to know what a Congressman Tedisco tenure would look like.

...Now Panic at Tedisco is trying to challenge Sam Seder's ballot. I draw the line at people I was in student films with 15 years ago. How dare YOU, sir!

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