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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Link-Trolling For Sarah Palin Supporters

"We grow good people in our small towns, with honesty and sincerity and dignity."

Todd Palin’s half-sister was arrested Thursday after police say she broke into a Wasilla home for the second time this week to steal money.

Palin is the husband of Gov. Sarah Palin. He declined comment.

Also too, Palin tried to replace a Democratic state Senator from Juneau with a "Democrat" who switched his party at the last minute to get the job. Davenoon has the details:

Meantime, Palin is engaged in a less nationally-visible effort to deny a state senate appointment to a highly popular and competent state house member -- Juneau Democrat Beth Kerttula -- who happened to voice the uncontroversial view last August that Palin was "not ready" to be Vice President. When state Sen. Kim Elton resigned last month to take a job with the US Department of the Interior, Palin was obligated by state law to name a registered Democrat to replace him; the local party organization forwarded Kerttula's name to Palin as its sole recommendation -- a decision that was reasonable, given Kerttula's surpassing qualifications for the job and given the near-certainty that she'll win the seat outright next year during the fall elections. Palin, however, opted instead to nominate a conservative legislative aide, Tim Grussendorf, who had actually switched his party affiliation to qualify for the job. Palin wasn't required by law to accept the local party's recommendation; by the same token, the senate Democrats weren't required to accept her choice. And so yesterday, the senate Democrats rejected Grussendorf by a majority vote in closed session.

Palin, however, is now insisting that an obscure, 22-year-old legal memo requires legislators to follow a completely different process than the one laid out by the relevant statute, and she's rejecting the senate democrats' rejection -- a decision that not even her party colleagues in the legislature agree with. It's an unbelievably petty dispute, for which the governor deserves the blame. While the legislature is trying to get access to federal stimulus funds that the governor stupidly rejected, Sarah Palin seems determined to provoke a court battle to defend her ongoing, grudge-driven administrative style.

Palin probably hopes that more people criticize her, otherwise she'd have no legislative agenda. But I'm sure she'll be fine in that department...

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