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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


When you watch this, keep in mind that Republicans at the highest levels thought it was a great idea to elevate Joe The Plumber to a position of authority. In fact, he addressed a House Republican conference.

I like this part too:

Meanwhile, the Patriot News reports that union members who were bussed to the rally jeered and heckled Mr. Plumber.

“Rat! Rat! Rat!” some shouted. Another yelled: “Real plumbers are for card check!”

According to the Patriot News, Mr. Plumber admitted at one point that he hadn’t read the bill.

The tough time Mr. Plumber endured was apparently too much for him. He was scheduled to appear at a subsequent rally against EFCA in Philadelphia, but according to the SEIU, which had several organizers on the scene, he was a no-show.

It's strange that no reporter has yet written about the end of the two-party system in America.

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