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Monday, April 06, 2009

Prolonging The Distraction

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas vetoed a marriage equality bill today, hiding behind the "separate but equal" civil union law affording rights and benefits to same-sex couples. Last week Douglas claimed his veto threat was based on wanting to "focus" on the struggling economy. Now Vermont legislators will have to focus on a veto override for a week. Makes sense to me!

The State Senate, which passed the bill 26-4, will vote to override tomorrow. But the House vote was lower than the 2/3 threshold needed for override. According to the Kos diarist,

Several members of the Vermont House who voted no on the bill last week have indicated that they would vote to override the Governor's veto on principle stating they could not in good conscience vote for the bill itself, but were willing to vote to allow the will of the majority to become law over the veto. However, other members who voted for the bill may switch and vote against the override attempt using the governor for cover.

Hopefully the House will come through.

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