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Saturday, April 04, 2009


North Korea went ahead and launched. Looks like only the weather stopped them from doing this yesterday.

North Korea defied the United States, China and a series of United Nations resolutions by launching a rocket on Sunday that the country said was designed to propel a satellite into space, but that much of the world viewed as an effort to prove it is edging toward the capability to shoot a nuclear warhead on a longer-range missile.

The launching took place at 11:30 a.m. local time, said an official at the Foreign Ministry of South Korea who spoke on condition of anonymity until the government makes a formal announcement.

The motivation for the test appeared as much political as technological: After acquiring the fuel for six or more nuclear weapons during the Bush administration, and negotiating a halt of its main nuclear reactor in return for aid, North Korea’s recent statements appear to be a bid for attention from the Obama administration.

Over the years the North has sometimes conducted tests as a gambit to extract concessions for more aid and fuel and to demonstrate its nuclear capabilities.

I'd add that holding two American journalists and threatening to put them on trial for "hostile acts" is something of a cry for attention as well.

This comes on the eve of a major policy speech by the President in Prague about eliminating all nuclear weapons on the planet. Might need a quick edit.

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