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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Screwing Over Your Colleagues - Tuesdays At 9

As someone who works on shows in this genre, I am thoroughly disgusted by this one:

"You're fired" -- but for real.

Fox has ordered a one-hour unscripted series that turns real-life company layoffs into a reality contest.

The show's working title is "Someone's Gotta Go." Employees are called to a meeting and informed there will be layoffs, but with a reality show twist: The staff will be allowed to determine who is fired.

The employees will have access to the company's internal information -- budgets, HR files, salaries, etc. -- to help make their decision.

It's the anti-"Apprentice": Instead of contestants vying for a dream job, they're fighting to keep the lousy one they already have.

Each episode will focus on one small company (less than 20 employees). The host is a business expert, not yet named, who also serves as a consultant to the companies featured on the show. There's no word yet when "Someone's" will air.

I hope never.

Far from voting someone "off the island," in this case you're pitting people against one another in a life-changing event, with severe consequences for the individual. This is the stuff of a GAME?

Maybe if the company in question was the entertainment division middle management at Fox and the production company that dreamed this up, I could go along with it. Because that's who deserves such humiliation.

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