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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Souter To Retire?

NPR's Nina Totenberg usually has impeccable sources on Supreme Court issues.

Supreme Court Justice David Souter is set to retire from the Supreme Court when the current term ends, NPR is reporting.

Earlier in the day, the Associated Press had the legal word buzzing with a story that hinted at Souter's retirement due to the fact that he has yet to hire any law clerks compared to the other eight justices who have each hired their four clerks.

Great, because the hard right wasn't freaking out enough, they can now shriek about Obamanazi packing the Supreme Court with socialist fascist communists.

Here on Planet Earth, I'd expect the pick to be a woman, somewhat moderate, and demonized beyond all limits of creation.

...the full NPR report. Souter is expected to stay on the bench until a successor is named.

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