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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Burris Clown Show Returns

I prefer to ignore the sad spectacle of Roland Burris, but this pathetic tape recording of the Illinois Senator pleading with Rod Blagojevich's brother to have the Governor seat him, and offering to "personally do something" for Blagojevich cannot really be ignored any further. He not only offered to raise money in exchange for the Senate seat, but he intimated that he would use his lawyer's name on some of the checks, which is a total violation of law. And while Burris never followed through and actually offered anything of value, he has had several months to disclose this new information, where he appears to be wrestling with getting around those restrictions.

This tape will actually get released, apparently, and MSNBC reported that Dick Durbin won't support Burris for re-election after this revelation. Big surprise, he's polling around 8%. But this does vindicate Durbin and Reid to an extent for wanting to block Burris in the first place. Clearly there was a taint to his appointment, as there are to all Senate appointments, in my view.

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