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Monday, May 11, 2009

Calvinball At The White House Correspondents Dinner

Just in case anyone picks up on Jake Tapper's trolling today and starts to condemn Wanda Sykes, particularly because she didn't adhere to this invented rule that comedians at the White House Correspondents Dinner are required to make fun of the President (which she did, by the way), let me remind everyone what the Correspondents Association told the last comic to perform at the dinner:

Rich Little won't be mentioning Iraq or ratings when he addresses the White House Correspondents' Dinner April 21.

Little said organizers of the event made it clear they don't want a repeat of last year's controversial appearance by Stephen Colbert, whose searing satire of President Bush and the White House press corps fell flat and apparently touched too many nerves.

"They got a lot of letters," Little said Tuesday. "I won't even mention the word 'Iraq.'"

Little, who hasn't been to the White House since he was a favorite of the Reagan administration, said he'll stick with his usual schtick -- the impersonations of the past six presidents.

"They don't want anyone knocking the president. He's really over the coals right now, and he's worried about his legacy," added Little, a longtime Las Vegas resident.

Be sure to use the words "shut," "the fuck" and "up" when you enlighten these folks.

Sykes, by the way, was funny. I believe that was the only job description.

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