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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cheney '12

Maybe he's just happy to be out of the undisclosed location, but Dick Cheney has appeared on the teevee more often than Ryan Seacrest lately. There was Face the Nation. And then another Fox News go-round. And an upcoming AEI speech for the C-SPAN set. While most of the dialogue has been about torture - his favorite subject - Cheney isn't afraid to dive into a diverse issue set, like denying workers the right to organize.

I have to concur with Steve Benen: it certainly looks like Cheney's trying real hard to raise his profile and keep his name in the news.

I'm not trying to start any rumors, but Cheney is certainly acting like a guy who plans to run for something. He's doing lots of media interviews, cultivating his connection with Limbaugh, attacking the president, lying about Democratic ideas, and giving at least one speech at a major conservative think tank about his vision for the future.

Put it this way -- if one of the Republicans with his/her eyes on 2012 maintained this kind of high-profile schedule in Washington, wouldn't the assumption be that he or she was laying the groundwork for a campaign?

Well, either a campaign or a lawsuit, although this could be considered jury tampering in the latter case.

If Cheney did up and announce for President, he would have a cheering section from Erick the Red and his merry band of calcium deficient all-stars:

Put me in the Cheney-Limbaugh camp. Heck, put me in the Cheney-Limbaugh 2012 camp.

If not a Presidential ticket, at least they should be the listened voices on the right — the ones whose advice guides the direction our candidates go.

Yes, the left may laugh at that and encourage it, but they would be wise to think about it.

OK, I'll think about i- no, I'm just going to laugh and encourage it.

It's also fun to watch Erick the Red pining for a terrorist attack that kills thousands of his fellow citizens:

This is an important point to keep repeating because it has the virtue of being true and of lingering in the public conscience. If we are attacked again, and with Obama in charge it is more than likely that we will, the public needs to remember what it was like to have grown ups running the show.

I know that's what I was thinking on 9/11 - "at least we have grown-ups."

Let's close this out with a walk down memory lane of Fourthbranch's Greatest Hits:

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