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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Gay Marriage Snowball Continues Downhill

Maine passed a gay marriage bill out of both houses of its legislature. After a couple procedural votes, the bill moves to Governor John Baldacci's desk for signature. He has recently hinted toward approval while officially remaining undecided.

And the City Council in Washington, DC, approved recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages, with Marion Barry (yes, he's still a city councilman in Washington) playing the role of sideshow freak:

The vote was originally unanimous, until “councilman Marion Barry proclaimed that he didn’t realize what he was voting for and asked for reconsideration of the measure. The measure was amended to another bill.” Berry said that his nay vote was an “‘agonizing and difficult decision’ that he made after prayer and consulting with the religious community.”

When your only ally is Marion Barry, you aren't in the most advantageous position.

Notably, the DC Council vote forces a vote before Congress, because they hold jurisdiction over city laws. That could get interesting.

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