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Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Questions

That you rarely see in our traditional media during this debate over torture.

1. If torture was so crucial to keep America safe, why did the Bush White House stop doing it in 2004 once the Abu Ghraib photos appeared and top officials feared culpability? Further, if we haven't employed these tactics in five years, how could the President be endangering the country by declining to employ them?

2. If torture can be justified under various legal theories and the need to protect the country, why would the man who promulgated those theories and signed legal opinions justifying them refuse to speak publicly to Congress or even privately to the Office of Professional Responsibility to try and exonerate himself?

3. Why is Nancy Pelosi's word being questioned on the timing and extent of various briefings, but not the word of the CIA, who are professional liars who have been exposed as lying to Congress on multiple occasions? (In fairness, that link came from a media member, but it's still rare.)

I wish we had a media to ask these questions, but instead, they chase the soccer ball and pursue irrelevant storylines, as long as they help Republicans and hurt Democrats.

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