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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Press Release Pollsters

This is getting weird. The same pollster, from a GOP outfit, releases two polls on the same day, one showing Arlen Specter crushing Joe Sestak in a primary, the other showing Tom Ridge crushing Pat Toomey in a primary, and beating Specter in a head-to-head matchup. And this used to be Specter's pollster, but they parted ways after Specter switched parties. The head-to-head numbers from Ridge/Specter and Toomey/Specter differ dramatically from anything else out there.

This reads like a PR release for Tom Ridge, plain and simple. Anyone who buys these poll results ought to take a look at some beachfront property in Oklahoma I'm selling.

By the way, the primary wouldn't be for a year, people realize, and in that time Ridge will have to deal with hundreds of days of attacks from his own party on his record. Remember that the GOP primary in Pennsylvania is closed. Also, Ridge appears to not live in the state anymore. And he has lobbying problems.

Long story short, I don't buy the numbers and I don't buy the foregone conclusion of Specter-Ridge.

For instance, Arlen pining for Norm Coleman to win the Senate race in Minnesota - AFTER the party switch, strikes me as something that may come up in a primary.

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