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Monday, May 11, 2009

We'll Kill The Campaign AFTER The Checks Clear

Couple thoughts on this George Stephanopoulos story about the Edwards campaign, which may or may not be true, but for the sake of argument, let's assume that it is. George reports that by late December of 2007, many staffers were convinced that Edwards did have the affair, and they devised a strategy to deal with it by denying Edwards the nomination from within. If it looked like he could win the nomination, they prepared themselves to sabotage it.

OK, if this is true, these are horrible, horrible people. You know how you could have sabotaged the campaign? Resigned en masse when you learned about the affair. You didn't have to reveal the reason, but clearly the press would have done the job for you at that point, and even if they learned nothing about that, the narrative of disarray would have set in. Instead, they plotted a "just in case" plan so they could keep collecting their paychecks until the campaign folded. So all those people who sent in money to Edwards' campaign after December were throwing money down the garbage. And these staffers knew it - in fact they had a plan to incinerate that money if Edwards grew too successful. And they were APPEALING to people to make donations, to pay their salaries, without informing anyone that Edwards had no chance of being President and they would ensure that.

What a bunch of weasels. Or, I could say, what a bunch of political consultants. Not much difference.

...Joe Trippi says the report is B.S.

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