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Friday, June 19, 2009

Accountability Now

Accountability is back in Washngton, as today the House impeached a federal judge. At long last, one of the legal architects of the Bush torture regime, the man who allowed the CIA to waterboard and provided the twisted legal rationale, the m- what, it was the other one?

The House on Friday impeached a federal judge imprisoned for lying about sexual assaults of two women in the first such vote since impeaching former President Bill Clinton a decade ago.

The impeachment of U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent of Texas sets up a trial in the Senate. Kent is the first federal judge impeached in 20 years.

It's never the sex, it's the lying.

This guy's actually convicted and in prison serving a 33-month sentence, and he won't resign so he can draw his $174,000 a year salary. I'm not saying it's not warranted. Hey, maybe the House can exercise this whole accountability and oversight muscle. Baby steps.

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