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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

But Did He BOW When He Said It?

The pace of mini-controversies coming from the right can now be measured in minutes. The day started with conservative bloggers freaking out about a Jeff Zeleny article claiming that Obama said America could be thought of as a Muslim country. Dhimmitude!!1! Get your burqas out! Except what he actually said was that America has a lot of believers in Islam inside its borders, and we could do with a better dialogue on these issues, using the example that there are more Muslim-Americans than the population of most Muslim countries. So that was a bust.

Then, apparently Obama uttered the Muslim world for "thank you" while accepting a compliment from King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia, leaving Michael Goldfarb wondering whether Obama secretly speaks Arabic.


Obama gives his speech in Cairo tomorrow, so for the rest of the week we can expect hard-hitting analysis like "Is Obama Wearing a Djellabah in Private," "Did The President Have Shawerma Or Foul For Lunch" and "Is Obama's Smile 8% Brighter Now That He's On The Arab Street."

Fun, fun, fun.

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