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Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey Paul Krugman, Where The Hell Are You Man

Paul Krugman just completely nails the Dan Froomkin firing. What's more, he does this as someone IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION as Froomkin - a mainstream liberal newspaper columnist, probably hated by his peers as much as Froomkin was allegedly hated by his. There's of course a difference between the editorial board of NYT and WaPo, but that's just a dangerous move by Krugman. And yet.

Not excerpting, you have to go read it.

...Conservatives are so persecuted on editorial pages like the Washington Post's, aren't they?

...By the way, on the day that Dan Froomkin gets fired, the WaPo published an op-ed from... Paul Wolfowitz. Man, talk about failing upwards...

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