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Friday, June 19, 2009

Rosen's Redemption

Remember that lady nominated to join the Supreme Court? Sonia something-or-other? Funny, it doesn't seem like the GOP wants to talk about her much anymore. They're on to Democracy, Whisky, Sexy in Iran, and even the wingnut welfare machine of groups making money off of the Sotomayor nomination have started to lay low.

I would guess that somebody read a poll, particularly one including Hispanic voters. And they recognized that going to the mats against her would be completely counter-productive. And now everyone's zipped their lips. Hell, Kenneth Starr endorsed her yesterday.

That doesn't let off the hook those who charged her as a racist and tried to leverage the "white man's burden" theory of politics to make her toxic. It doesn't let off the hook people like Jeffrey Rosen, who lent credence to a bunch of anonymous smears designed to damage her reputation. Rosen is trying to rehabilitate himself with a more measured piece, explaining that you can find bold language and hints to her style in her dissents, not the technical decisions where she upholds settled law. He tries to roll back this charge that she isn't a big thinker by pointing out certain flourishes.

One would hope that everyone has a long memory about Rosen.

...I'm not at all sanguine about whether Sotomayor's presence on the Court can change this dynamic at all, but the current Court really sucks rocks.

Here’s a beaut of a decision from the increasingly brutal and inhumane conservative-dominated Supreme Court. Not content with gutting anti-discrimination legislation, a 5-4 majority has decided that if people are wrongfully convicted they should be punished anyway because, hey, tough on crime!


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