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Friday, July 10, 2009

Know-Nothings Stopping GOP Potential Victories

Chris Cillizza reported that Mark Kirk wouldn't run for the Senate seat in Illinois being vacated by Roland Burris. Roll Call has Kirk still mulling things over.

Here's the subtext, picked up by Cillizza:

It also followed a meeting of the Illinois Republican congressional delegation on Thursday in which his colleagues refused to back Kirk in a primary against Illinois Republican Party Chairman Andy McKenna due, in large part, to his vote in favor of President Barack Obama's climate change bill.

Kirk's move makes McKenna the almost certain Republican nominee against either state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias or Merchandise Mart CEO Chris Kennedy next fall.

Because flat-earthers in the Republican Party don't believe in science, they cannot except anyone to the left of Attilla the Hun to represent them. Despite the fact that Kirk - and pretty much only Kirk - has a shot to win that Senate seat, as one of the Gang of Eight who voted for a modest, not-even-good-enough bill to begin the process of unboiling the planet, he is verboten from running.

We need a multi-party system in this country. Right now, we have liberals and conservatives smushed into the Democratic Party, and General Jack D. Ripper Bircher types in the other one.

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